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In the Cross Hairs

** In the Cross Hairs **


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The New York Times’ 1619 Project is a series of essays and a corresponding educational curriculum program which asserts that our nation was not founded in 1776, when the United States declared its independence from Great Britain; rather, our nation supposedly was founded in 1619, when the first African slave was brought to America. Thus, the 1619 Project argues that the United States was founded not on principles of liberty or faith in God, but on race - based slavery.


The New York Times is working with the Pulitzer Center to bring the 1619 Project curriculum to schools across the land. The program has been adopted by five major metropolitan school districts thus far, and it is presently being taught in more than 3,500 classrooms nationwide.

Krystina Skurk’s linked article in The Federalist is both titled as and suggests that To Fight the 1619 Project’s Lies, Take this Free U.S. History Class, which is being offered online by Hillsdale College. Ms. Skurk quotes Hillsdale President Larry P. Arnn as observing that the 1619 Project is “an ideological campaign to undermine Americans’ attachment to our founding principles and to the Constitution by making slavery - rather than the principles of liberty that ended slavery and preserved our liberties for nearly 250 years - the principal focus of American history.”

Dr. Arnn is certainly correct in his assessment that the 1619 Project is designed to undermine attachment to our founding principles and the Constitution. But we fall into a trap by treating a seminal conflict as an academic debate. The Leftists’ purpose is not to re - examine the historical record or to merely undermine the Constitution.


The proponents of the 1619 Project do not care about the sorrowful history of slavery, sound education, or even the best interests of contemporary descendants of African slaves. The 1619 Project is driven by an ulterior motivation.


The 1619 Project is designed to obliterate the very foundational legitimacy of the United States of America. Indeed, the project is, at its core, a major component of a Leftist plot to utterly destroy the sovereignty of the United States, as one nation, under God, and to pave the way for a singular, hegemonic, and diabolical global government.

To counter the 1619 Project, we must recognize it for what it is - an assault on our independence, freedom, and sovereignty - and we must work to prevent its further promulgation in our schools and other institutions of our society.

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