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Forrest Trump says “Stupid Is as Stupid Does”

Living in a swamp isn’t good for you. Over time, the fetid air clouds your thinking and, eventually, it can rot your soul. It can even lead you to start saying that people and things are “stupid”.

It’s a good thing we have Forrest Trump leading the charge to drain the swamp surrounding our nation’s capital !!

Some people say Forrest Trump doesn’t belong in the White House.

But I think he takes to it like a duck in water !!​

Folks from all over called Forrest Trump stupid and racist because he said there’s “fine people on both sides” of some fight over statues ... which doesn’t take a diploma to figure out.

Just a heart to think it and the courage to say it.​

Some famous writer named George Will says Forrest Trump is our "nation’s worst president".

But I think some crook must have stolen Mr. Will's common sense or maybe played a trick on his memory.​

The USA Today publication says Forrest Trump is "unfit to clean the toilets in Obama’s presidential library".

But I think they’re easier to disinfect

than federal agencies filled with Obama’s holdovers.

Lots of donkeys on TV and the internet say Forrest Trump is stupid and bad for the economy.​

But the papers say there's a bunch of bulls on some street in New York that really like him.​

And it seems like our nets are pretty full theses days ... which is a good thing !!

Those donkeys sure like the idea of giving Forrest Trump “the peach treatment".

But I don’t think they’re ever going to catch him.

As a matter of fact, I think Forrest Trump is going to weather the storm,

conquer the swamp, and come out just fine.

That’s all I have to say about that.​

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